Friday, July 19, 2013

LINE Handphone/iPad mini/Tablet Sucker Stand

Calling out to fans of the famous chat app, LINE!!!Are you looking for a sucker stand yet normal sucker stand are too dull? If so, come take a look at our cute sucker stand! Comes in 6 different design of LINE characters, namely Brown, Corny and Moon. Two designs for each character. Fans of LINE shouldn't miss this!!!

 Collect all 6 design now!

One for $7. 
Six for $40!
One for $5.50
Six for $30!! (Great bargain) 
There are six different designs ~~~ Packed into cute packaging <3

Cute LINE sucker stand to support your phone ~~~
Stress Moon also supports ipad mini too... any tablet that's the size ~~~

Normal Brown
Cool Brown
Crying Corny
Sleepy Corny
Happy Moon
Stress Moon (The only sucker that supports Ipad Mini tablet size)


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