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Friday, October 19, 2012

Series 22 bearbrick

Series 22 bearbrick! Selling it individually. I have the top 3 rows of bear bricks(not selling the gold one though).

1 for $7.50

Series 21 bearbrick

Series 21 bearbrick

The set consists of all 11 of bear bricks out of the 12 shown in the pics. It is without the bottom left white bear brick. Selling it as a set! It is a steal as the two tron bear brick easily cost $30.

Selling at $70

Movie themed bearbrick 70%

Are you a movie fan?! I am sure these bear bricks are just for you!

PS: Nil means i need to check the name of the movie theme.

1 for $4
3 for $10

Top Row Left to Right: Die Hard, Prison Break, Nil, CTU, Godfather
Bottom Row 
Left to Right: Top Gear, Nil, Nil Omen, Charlie and the Chocolate factory
Top Row Left to Right: Pinky, Turtle, Bear
Bottom Row Left to Right: Batman, Joker, Tron, Devil Wears Prada, Shrek, Titanic

Kubrick Kidrobot

This is a set of kid robot from kubrick. 

Selling it as a set at $40 only!